Create a product be confident about it

As a perfectionist who is constantly disappointed by my own inability to be perfect ;) I take great pleasure in spotting the imperfections of other things and even more pleasure in seeing how great those things are despite their imperfections. It takes confidence to see that you've created something that is perfect.


Spider diagramming all the possible options for your product is fun, and worth while. However, having the foresight when faced with the realities of budgets and available resources to say we need to alter the feature set or re-align the scope to better serve our customers sooner, is confidence.

Confidence comes when you understand your customer. Knowing you customer means your products likelyhood for success is increased exponentially. Leverage customer insight and your market understanding to refine the scope, to produce a product/service that your clients and customer will want and that you can deliver in a timely fashion.

Earlier this month Apple launched a new set of videos for it's flag ship iPad the iPad Pro. So what? what's confident about that? Good question! Did you know, they filmed the entire set of videos using an iPad Pro and software (Apps) that runs on it. Apple chose not to use the best tools for the job of producing a promotional video. Why? because they planned and produced a video that there product was more than capable of creating. It has no special effects no fancy transitions etc etc. It does one thing. The video showcases the product in the best possible light.

What can we take away from that? Well. We often work with clients who want everything to be perfect, and we share in that drive for perfection. However even the iPad Pro, isn't perfect. Far from it in fact. Compared to it's Windows counter part an iPad Pro is quite lacking in the business application, connectivity and functionality areas of what regulr pro users would expect from a professional computing device. Even the camera on the iPad Pro isn't the best. However, if you watch the videos produced by the product you'd find it hard not to be impressed, you'd also get a better understanding of the target user, but that's a blog for another day. 

Apple, by focusing on creativity rather than productivity reduced the scope of the product but also defined it's potential user/customer base. While leaving the future open for further improvement and re-scoping. 

Apple producing these videos on there not perfect iPad Pro, is a confident move. Be confident in your product pick key areas that work for you customers and be the best at supporting those areas. Doing a few things well is always better than doing a lot of things badly. 

Here's one to take a look at Apples iPad Pro Video